Alter là gì

Although the cost of making phone calls is going up, the charge for connecting to lớn the mạng internet will not alter.

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If they want lớn continue lớn have enough workers lớn fill their contracts, the company will have lớn alter the way it does business.
Analysis of single channel records indicate that the effect is to lớn favor transition to a substate rather than to physically alter the conductance pathway.
Nonetheless, in some cases the phonetic spellings of mispronunciations may have been altered by some familiarity with the correct spelling.
Participants were given two digitally altered photographs và asked lớn find as many differences as they could.
These observations suggest that identifying the risk & protective factors that may alter individual trajectories is of significance.
The optical properties of the device can be altered by applying a field whose distorting influence on the liquid crystal opposes that of the surfaces.
Environmental experience also can affect brain chemistry by altering neurotransmitter synthesis, transmitter receptor synthesis, & transmitter uptake systems.
Attempts khổng lồ alter practice have generally focused on the acquisition of knowledge & skills, & although important, these are not sufficient.
A more extensive investigation would have widened the scope, but is unlikely khổng lồ have altered the results in any significant way.
However, the lyrics were reputedly altered a great deal when the band performed the tuy vậy at a private party or in someone"s house.
In the short run, it appears that farmers alter their crop shares more or less predictably, in line with changes in expected prices và yields.
Alternative specifications, such as including exploration costs into our mã sản phẩm or different assumptions about future world oil prices, could alter our results.
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a small container filled with explosive chemicals that produce bright coloured patterns or loud noises when they explode

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