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Exposition in a written work is the passages which explain where events take place, what happened before the story begins, và the background of the characters.
Both writers" works contain expositions of the theory of justification by faith alone, a doctrine the king abhorred.
The book contains references lớn detailed expositions of background material and a large number of examples and problems.
Seroprevalences varying among zoos are believed lớn be based on unequal expositions caused mainly by differences in the occurrence & infection rates of vector-competent ticks.
Many conferences adorn their programme with extra activities such as concerts, excursions or expositions.
They are masterful, erudite, and controlled expositions from one of the field"s most subtle practitioners.
Nevertheless, traditional gestures are subverted: repeats of expositions are promised, but left unfulfilled or distorted, & expected recapitulations are omitted.
The air eventually clears with an extended variant of the exposition"s closing theme that ends suspended on a dominant-seventh chord (bar 179), followed by a full bar"s rest.
As the middle classes developed with the growth of the capitalist economy, so too did expositions change their nature from mere catalogues to department store-like showcases of modern lifestyle.
Scholarly expositions, like contemporary accounts before them, have often treated "the jobber system" as if it was as timeless as the indigenous culture in which it was supposedly embedded.
Elaborate expositions used to lớn turn everything upside down & used lớn touch on family, belief và authority.
All these highly knitted arguments, explanations and expositions really amount to lớn very little, or to lớn nothing at all.

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the condition or right of being able or allowed khổng lồ do, say, think, etc. Whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited

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