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Interest (Econ) chi phí lãi, lãi suất.

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interest /"intrist/ danh từ
sự quan liêu tâm, sự chú ý; điều quan lại tâm, điều chú ýa question of great interest: một vấn đề đáng chú ý sự ưng ý thú; điều mê thích thú tầm quan lại trọnga matter of great interest: một vấn đề quan trọng quyền lợi; lợi ích, ích kỷto vì something in (to) somebody"s interest (s): làm những gì vì lợi ích của ai lợi tức, chi phí lãi đồng minh cùng phổ biến một quyền lợithe steel interest: đội tư phiên bản thépto make interest with somebody dùng lợi ích cá thể làm áp lực nặng nề với ai ngoại cồn từ tạo nên quan tâm, tạo nên chú ý, tạo cho thích thú tương quan đến, dính dáng đếnthe fight against aggression interests all peoples: sự chống chọi chống xâm lược tương quan đến phần đông dân tộc làm tham giato interest a finacier in an undertaking: tạo cho một nhà tư bạn dạng tài thiết yếu tham gia một cuộc khiếp doanhlãicarried interest arrangement: dàn xếp hoãn trả lãicarried interest arrangement: bàn bạc với lãi képcompound interest: lãi képcredit interest: lãi suất vay tín dụngfavorable interest rate: nút lãi xuất ưu đãiinterest loan: sự cho vay có lãiinterest rate: lãi suấtlow interest loan: sự cho vay lãi suất thấpsimple interest: lãi đơnsimple interest formula: cách làm lãi đơnlợi íchSMDS interest Group (SIF): Nhóm lợi ích SMDSSpecial interest group (SIG): nhóm tác dụng đặc biệtinterest group: nhóm bình thường lợi íchinterest group: nhóm cùng lợi íchinterest group: nhóm có chung lợi íchlợi tứcaccrued interest receivable: chiến phẩm không được nhậninterest from lending money: chiến phẩm từ việc giải ngân cho vay tiềnnet profit interest: cống phẩm thựcrate of interest: tỷ suất lợi tứcsimple interest: lợi tức đơn giảnsingle-digit interest: chiến phẩm số đơnquyền lợijoint interest: quyền lợi và nghĩa vụ chunglife interest: quyền lợi trọn đờiLĩnh vực: hóa học & vật liệusự quan tâmaccrual of interestsự tích trữ lợi nhuậnback interestnợ còn khất lạiback interesttiền thiếu hụt nợback interesttiền thuế thiếucontrolling interestsự soát sổ tài chínheffective interest ratemức lời thực sựfocal point of interesttrung vai trung phong thu hút sự chú ýfrequency range of interestphạm vi tần số quan lại tâmjoint interestphần hùnland interestquyền tải đất đai <"intrist> o lợi tức Phần lợi tức sản xuất từ giếng. o sự quan tâm; quyền lợi, lợi ích o lợi tức, tiền lãi § back interest : tiền thiếu nợ, tiền thuế thiếu, nợ còn khất lại § controlling interest : sự kiểm tra tài thiết yếu § joint interest : quyền lợi chung, phần hùn § landed interest : quyền sở hữu đất đai § life interest : quyền lợi trọn đời, quyền hưởng suốt đời § net profit interest : lợi tức thực § nonoperating mineral interest : (luật về) quyền lợi công nhân mỏ được hưởng lúc đình công § operating interest : quyền thâm nhập một hợp đồng đánh nhượng (góp vốn hoặc điều hành) § royalty interest : tiền thuế mỏ (trả mang lại chủ đất) § shipping interest : chủ tàu, chủ hãng đóng tàu; cổ phần trong công ty vận tải thủy § vested interest : quyền lợi được đảm bảo mãi mãi § working interest : quyền lợi gia nhập vào một hợp đồng đánh nhượng (góp vốn hoặc điều hành)

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Tiền lãi

Số tiền bởi vì một bên phải trả mang lại việc áp dụng tiền của phía bên kia.

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): interest, interest, interested, interesting, disinterested, uninterested, interestingly

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): interest, interest, interested, interesting, disinterested, uninterested, interestingly





Từ điển Collocation

interest noun

1 desire lớn learn/hear more about sb/sth

ADJ. avid, burning, close, considerable, consuming, deep, great, intense, keen, lively, passionate, strong The police were starting to take a close interest in the company"s activities. She always had a great interest in the supernatural. | particular | growing, increasing | slightest He"s never shown the slightest interest in football. | general, widespread | worldwide | serious | genuine | abiding, lifelong | passing | renewed | added I"ll watch the programme with added interest now I know you"re in it. | active | passive | polite He showed a polite interest in her story. | personal | truyền thông media The event attracted a lot of truyền thông media interest.

VERB + INTEREST have | evince, express, show, take My cousin expressed an interest in seeing where I work. | feign, simulate She feigned interest in a magazine article khổng lồ avoid meeting the man"s stare. | thất bại | arouse, attract, awaken, caught, drum up, excite, generate, kindle, spark, stimulate, stir up, whip up A sticker on a bag caught my interest. The government failed to drum up any public interest in the referendum. A childhood journey sparked his lifelong interest in railways. | develop While in prison he developed an interest in art. | maintain, sustain Despite intensive publicity, Channel 4 failed to maintain interest in its expensive new show. | revive

INTEREST + VERB grow | flag, wane The children"s interest began khổng lồ flag after half an hour of the lesson.

PREP. for/out of ~ I"m asking purely out of interest. | with ~ They listened with interest. | ~ among to stimulate interest among teachers | ~ from growing interest from younger members | ~ in She took an active interest in their welfare.

2 quality that attracts attention

ADJ. great | particular Her comments are of particular interest khổng lồ me. | broad, general, wide | architectural, artistic, historic/historical, scientific | academic Since the championship has already been decided, this match is of purely academic interest. | human a plot devoid of human interest | love Angelina Jolie supplies the love interest in the film.

VERB + INTEREST be of His books are of no interest to lớn me at all. | hold no Their conversation held no interest for me. | địa chỉ Bushes that flower in winter will add interest to lớn your garden. | supply

INTEREST + VERB lie in The interest of the painting lies in its unusual use of colour.

PREP. of ~ a building of great architectural interest

3 sth you enjoy doing/learning about

ADJ. diverse, varied, wide, wide-ranging | private | artistic, musical, etc.

VERB + INTEREST have | cốt truyện | pursue He wanted time to pursue his many và varied musical interests.

4 money earned from investments

ADJ. annual, monthly, etc. | compound, simple

VERB + INTEREST earn, make, receive | pay | charge

INTEREST + VERB accrue, bear

INTEREST + NOUN rate | payment | charge

PREP. ~ on to pay interest on a loan

PHRASES a rate of interest a mortgage with a fixed/flexible rate of interest

5 benefits that sth has for sb

ADJ. best It"s not in your best interests lớn let your monster know you"re looking for a new job. | self-, selfish | common, mutual | competing, contradictory | long-term, short-term | narrow narrow sectional interests | direct Lawyers have a direct financial interest in the outcome of the debate. | paramount, vital | vested | national, public | class, sectional | foreign, outside | economic, financial, political, strategic, etc.

VERB + INTEREST defend, guard, look after, protect, safeguard | act in, advance, champion, further, promote, serve He claimed lớn be acting in the public interest. | represent | act against, jeopardize, threaten

INTEREST + VERB lie in sth | be at stake

INTEREST + NOUN group Various interest groups have expressed their opposition khổng lồ the policy.

PREP. against sb/sth"s ~(s) The solicitor refused khổng lồ act against his client"s interests. | contrary to sb/sth"s ~ The union refused to support proposals that it saw as contrary khổng lồ the interests of its members. | in sb/sth"s ~(s) New work practices were introduced in the interests of efficiency. | of ~ We met lớn discuss matters of common interest. | out of ~ He was obviously acting purely out of selfish interest.

PHRASES a conflict of interests One thành viên of the planning committee had a conflict of interests as he lived near the proposed motorway. | have sb"s (best) interests at heart Although he was sometimes too strict with his children, he had their best interests at heart.

6 legal right to mô tả in profits

ADJ. powerful | controlling, majority | minority | joint | banking, business, commercial, shipping

VERB + INTEREST have He has controlling interests in several ventures. | sell

PREP. ~ in

Từ điển WordNet


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a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed

how much interest bởi you pay on your mortgage?


excite the curiosity of; engage the interest of

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

利息|权益|利益利息;權益;利益The price paid for borrowing money. It is expressed as a percentage rate over a period of time & reflects the rate of exchange of present consumption for future consumption. Also, a chia sẻ or title in property.

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Investopedia Financial Terms

1. The charge for the privilege of borrowing money, typically expressed as an annual percentage rate. 2. The amount of ownership a stockholder has in a company, usually expressed as a percentage.