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< pl > Although it happened far from our shores (= this country), the disaster has affected many Americans.

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From this cour tyard, cultural features occupy the majority of one"s line of sight, và the surrounding shores are blocked from view.
Moreover, the evidence on the uses of pension incomes demonstrates clearly their dual functions of protecting older people and shoring up wider family networks.
Significant stands of mangroves are also found along small island shores of the tropics, & to a much lesser extent along some temperate shorelines.
The unorthodox idea of music signifying bodily vulnerability is shored up with examples that make sense even if we don"t concur.
Further, he considers proposals for shoring up the competitive position of congressional challengers.
At a minimum, existing programs could have been shored up, ensuring their long-term fiscal stability.
Proposals aimed at shoring up parental responsibility/enabling parents lớn meet their responsibilities lớn their children and their employers.
Additionally, lake shores are little influenced by river inflow và exhibit a transitional stage between oversupplied and sediment-starved conditions.
After all, every one of these men had, since his youth, spent his career shoring up the integrity & strength of the nationstate.
The origin of life on the shores of the ocean : physical and chemical conditions determining first appearance of biological processes.
Mangroves only exist in brackish regions, savannas exist as scattered islands within the forest, and morichal is confined lớn swamps, streamsides and lake shores.
However, there was considerable overlap in the wave exposure range of vegetated và non-vegetated shores.
However, as these forces of globalization reach the national shores, they bởi not have identical consequences in every country.
The novel shores up tradition, constructing a romance plot of (now mythic) proportions, providing a relatively conventional ending.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với shore.

Except at one point along its eastern shore, the island rises precipitously from the sea in cliffs more than 100ft m high.

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After making distress signals the crew, wearing cork lifebelts, abandoned the boat & swam towards the north shore.
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an object used for hitting the ball in various sports, consisting of a net fixed tightly to lớn a round frame with a long handle

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