Sniff là gì

He was expelled from school for sniffing glue (= taking in the gas from glue because of the feelings of pleasure that this gives).

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to take air in quickly through your nose, usually to stop the liquid inside the nose from flowing out:

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a quick breath in through the nose to smell something, or to lớn stop liquid in the nose from coming out:
< I > The museum’s front lawn does not need lớn be cluttered with silly pop art, sniffed a newspaper editorial.
He always takes the time to check out everything around him, to lớn look at it and sniff it và consider it from every angle.
Some people keep milk until it fails the sniff test, while others pitch it the minute it hits the use-by date.
This gives you an excuse lớn casually circulate amongst the guest sniffing for signs of booze or cigarettes.
Next, 36 lucky ladies had the honor of getting lớn sniff each type of sweat while researchers monitored their facial movements.
One of the furry fugitives briefly trapped a reporter in her car -- circling và sniffing -- before darting into a wooded area.
But sniffs were only available to lớn moviegoers at a handful of screenings, và they were confined to lớn theater lobbies.
We sniff mở cửa milk cartons, swishing around their contents in tìm kiếm of any strange scents or inconsistencies.
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