a piece of cloth with a pattern or picture that is created by sewing or weaving different colored threads onto a special type of strong cloth:

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The instruments blend together, weaving tapestries of sound, while the pace of the music changes constantly.

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a strong cloth with colored threads woven into it khổng lồ create a picture or design, usually hung on a wall or used to cover furniture:
The industrial duct work that barrels along the ceiling was made to lớn look like a contemporary tapestry, looping down into the space.
These women generally don"t vì the smaller tapestries, which show people and events that didn"t make it onto the main canvas.
One of the best feelings in nerd culture fandom is the thrill of watching a grand tapestry of imagination unfurl before you.
It creates this beautiful tapestry of different colors & everyone becomes multicolor with these clouds of reds & pinks & blue.
The installation is made of dozens of small, oddly shaped tapestries scattered across the walls lượt thích fabric graffiti.
Tapestries were hugely expensive to lớn produce, especially when threads of wool and silk were wrapped in gold & silver, itself a sign of power.
Although the preparation of a card was time-consuming, once it was made, the tapestry could be easily duplicated more quickly và inexpensively.
Pictures that seem khổng lồ show its interior reveal rich layers of furniture, hanging tapestries, lamps, wooden decor và instruments.

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